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Telling Our Story

We were asked to give a presentation by NYCC's Stronger Communities team at their recent "Restore and Recover" workshop. The workshop asked "what lessons can we learn from how, with other Agencies and local community groups across the County we all worked together so successfully during the Covid-19 pandemic" and then..."how do we go forward building on the best bits to deliver a sustainable and efficient way of working together in the future.

As one of two Case Studies presented, Alan Cottrill, one of our Trustees shared how grants from NYCC had enabled the Pateley Shed to develop from an idea into a Steering Group and then re-open safely during the relaxation of the Covid regulations and how it has grown over the last year into a thriving group meeting three mornings a week.

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JUST TO SAY that the Shed will be closing at 1:00 p.m. this Friday 22nd December and then reopening from 09:30 a.m. Wednesday 3rd January 2024. ALSO A REMINDER - We have a scheduled AGM for 11:30 MOND


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